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D E S I G N    S E R V I C E

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As an experienced interior designer, Pippa can offer a range of complementary services, which can be used in isolation, or as part of a wider package, including:

  • Advice on paint colours and finish.

  • Choosing fabrics (colour and textiles).

  • Working closely with furniture makers and bespoke manufacture from select English furniture makers.

  • Soft furnishings, such as cushions, blinds, and headboards

  • Bespoke art pieces, screens as room dividers and pocket doors.

  • Her textile understanding can also offer bespoke fabric to complement an existing or new interior.

  • She can also manage access to a variety of suppliers.

Pippa always seeks to understand her clients’ requirements for their living space, and having worked with a wide range of clients in the past, is happy to work on projects of any scope or scale.   

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